Fiona's adventures with wood began when she lived in Japan for two years in the early 2000s, teaching at an art & technical high school (same school where the creator of Doraemon went!).

She was an "arts & crafts" enthusiast and here she was exposed to and explored various kinds of art forms including glass bead making, silversmithing, woodwork, lacquerware painting, and weaving.

Fiona's trips to Tokyo and Kyoto were opportunities to load up on neat art supplies; and there she found pieces of exotic hardwood and carving tools perfect for making small things.  Her first project included making 'kanzanshi' hairsticks since at the time she was a huge fan of traditional Japanese arts and fascinated by everything about the Geisha.

L'arbre Love is a fun-loving collection of jewelry that is made with cherry wood offcuts from millworkers workshops, accented with sterling silver and bronze pieces "smithed" by the artist.

These original designs are inspired by nature, experiences and imagination.  

L'arbre Love is designed and made with love in Canada.